Website Hacking Security and Maintenance

Making your website live is like unlocking the door to your premises with your office and safe open: Most of the people who visit your physical building will never even know that all of your data is there to discover just by walking in. Occasionally you will find someone with malicious intent who will walk in and steal your data. That is why you have locks on doors and safes.

Your website is just the same, except that you will never see anyone come in unless you have protection systems in place. Electronic thieves are invisible and fast., searching for your website for details of customers’ accounts, especially for their credit card information. You have a legal obligation to protect this data from theft and to report security breaches that occur.

Theft is not the only thing on the mind of a hacker: Sheer destruction is a major motivator. Hackers may want to destroy all your records, put a sick message on your customers’ screens or just destroy your reputation.You can never undo the damage done by a hacker, you can take steps to prevent it. Even the most basic protection will discourage many hackers enough to make them go looking for easier pickings elsewhere. Thieves are likelier to steal from people who leave their doors unlocked.

Reason of Website Hacking

Frequently self proclaimed "CMS experts" will try to extend your website by building custom plugins for features that already exist inside your CMS, by using raw PHP code to "shell your CMS" for a custom theme, by using a super powerful PHP framework for a basic website instead of a using a CMS, or by sandwiching your CMS into another part of a custom site they have built for you. Most of these methods are completely unnecessary and amount to an insecure website that feels like a "house of cards" even for the people using your site that know nothing about coding.

What should I do if my website has been hacked?

If your website has been hacked recently, you will have to put a little time in to remove the attack and to prevent your site from getting hacked again.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening again?

Yes. Once we have identified the cause of the hack, we can block it. As technology changes, though, other security holes may pop up, so it’s important to stay on top of the security on your site all the time. If you like, we can handle that ongoing maintenance for you as well so you can focus on what matters most to you – running your website rather than fixing it.

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